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AT Motherboards

June 10, 2008

I’m wrestling with what to do with my AT motherboards. There are a number of problems when placing them in a system case which is either not an AT case or an ATX case with support for AT motherboards. I have the look of most cases as they tend to be that awful beige color. I’m also getting fed up with the size of the cases. They simply take up too much room in my home. I really want to keep the hardware because I like using the software, which ultimately makes the heavy, bulky boxes actually useful. I tried to make one of the cases look more modern and classy, but I’m dissatisfied with the quality of the paint I used (metallic paint which scratches easily, even after I applied a sealer). The modified case still doesn’t help much with the space issue.

I’m trying to run with the concept of an open system (no case) which is essentially mounted to a peg board. The boards could slide into slots on a rack which would save on space because there would be only one rack. Or I could create a rack capable of suspending multiple motherboards, which would then be mounted inside a cabinet. The cabinet could have a table top for the monitor, or the monitor could be mounted on the back of the cabinet. The hard part will be find the right cabinet… obviously, I’m still mulling it over.