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Friday 13th Remake

February 22, 2009

Friday 13thSo, I went to see the 2009 version of Friday the 13th tonight. Before you think this is just going to be another remake, there are a few surprises in store for fans of the original, which can always add drama to any horror movie. It seems our leading villain has acquired a couple of new skills, while he has been toiling away at Crystal Lakes building and maintaining his electrical flood light system. Don’t worry, I’m sure he probably took a couple of correspondence courses on electrical safety before he set up the small power grid.

In most of his movies, he’ll usually make use of whatever tree stump or gardening tool happens to be lying around to take care of business, but most of the time he’ll prefer to use his machete, since he seems to be relatively proficient with it and it adds a +2 bonus to his attack roll. Well, he has decided to spread those proficiency points across a couple of weapons. No longer is he stuck using a bladed weapon for all of his social calls. You can now add a bow and arrow to his list of effective artillery. Spoiler: He was able to target a young man driving a boat at high speed with one shot (I guess he could have missed a few off screen), although his skill may have been enhanced by the Cobalt Blue Carbon Bow of Deadly Yearning (+1) he was using. But I doubt it.

Do you remember how sluggish and zombie like his movements were in the originals? Well, maybe you should watch them again. Sheesh. Anyway, it seems he traded his boots in for some Reeboks (probably pumps) and is now able to run his quarry down at high speeds. Jason must have been a track and field all-star by the way he can move over rough terrain, and the film cements that fact with a couple of short trophy shots (just in case you found it hard to believe that a unstoppable killing machine couldn’t shoot or run). The chase scenes do tend to lose some of the original build-up around a murder sequence, so you may want to watch them slow motion.

But don’t let his new skills turn you off, the movie was still enjoyable, even if they were a little skimpy on the gratuitous nudity.