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Fon Master Ion: Just an Ignorant Clone?

October 20, 2008

e·vil [ee – vuhl] – marked by calmness and serenity even during times of hardship and pending doom; literally oozing politeness when not absolutely required or called upon to exhibit; marked by ignorant suggestions and reiterateration of obvious facts and conclusions (can sometimes be confused with an idiot); shows no signs of being bubbly in personality which should normally accompany excessive politeness.

We’ve been playing Tales of the Abyss a lot lately and there are a few disturbing character traits we’ve noticed with Fon Master Ion. We presume you’ve noticed how blindly and obediently he unlocks all of those doors leading into the Sephiroth trees? After the cataclysm, notice how Luke takes the blame for letting Akzeriuth fall into the miasma, but in fact it was Ion who opened the doors in the first place! Ion is also in constant communication with Grand Maestro Mohs in the first half of the story, who we all know to be corrupt with power. Mysterious disappearances which he claims are kidnappings? Yeah, you’re laying it on pretty thick Fon Master. Last, but certainly not least, is his disposition. Who in the Nine Hells is that polite or apologetic on purpose, except for the Prince of Darkness himself?