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Phantom Hourglass: Harrow Island

November 26, 2007

A very effective strategy when trying to dig up the treasure maps on Harrow Island is to choose a quadrant on the island for each piece of the sea chart which you have already collected. When you start digging, just start around the perimeter of the square and dig a hole every other space. You don’t need to dig your holes right next to each other; I uncovered a treasure map the first time for each quadrant using this method.

Games within Games: Fishing

October 23, 2007

Have you ever noticed how addicting the fishing mini-games are within games like Breath of Fire or The Legend of Zelda? I’m playing Phantom Hourglass right now and the fishing game is a lot of fun. Although, I don’t believe it will grow to be as detailed as Breath of Fire III’s mini-game with the shear number of lures and fish species. Zelda’s latest game does record your largest catch size for each fish and there are prizes for catching big or rare fish.