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There are so many fun things to do with games, not just the obvious. Here we’ll talk about gadgets related to games, game programming topics, and all sorts of wizardry and arcane hackery. It promises to be a fun journey, so I hope you can join me.

Michael Gale

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Yves Rizoud wrote a comment on June 27, 2009

I wanted to contact you because I saw you are hosting the source code of DMapedit. I was a huge fan of the program at the time, and thanks to your websvn I got the sources (cut-n-paste from pages… I couldnt guess the svn repository address) and managed to compile them on win98 with DJGPP and the latest GRX. There are still some runtime problems but hopefully I ll soon have a working version; then I ll see if I can port it to Mingw (native Win32) with the same GRX.
I didnt pick the Dmapedit5, as I suppose its the work-in-progress conversion to native windows application – but I liked the custom GUI :)

admin wrote a comment on June 28, 2009

Thanks Yves, that’s great. I was given the source code by the original author Jason Hoffos a few months ago. At some point in the development of DMapEdit (around v4, I believe), he had given the source code to Bruce A. Benko for further development. Bruce had made some great improvements over the original application and I knew he gave a code drop to Jason sometime before he stopped working on the project.

Unfortunately, as I learned through my own research, he died in 2006. It was Jason’s request that the code remain in the public domain, so any changes you make should be hosted somewhere publicly. I can create a project directory within and given you commit rights. It’s a Subverison code repository, so using it from a Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux platform is easy.

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