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Bringing multi-touch support to the much neglected PC

October 20, 2009

While touch interfaces for small devices are creating a small revolution in our technoverse, the problems of transitioning the personal computer into this space is a little more problematic. The folks over at 10/GUI have done a good job in summarizing the problem and presenting a nice solution. Of course, whenever I look at new technologies like these, my mind always wanders to how they could be used to enhance the games I play. It’s nice to have these kind of vices.

Interesting video on new human-computer interaction techniques

2D Boy Birthday Sale

I am really, really late in finding this out (I’m looking at you Jared), but you can still buy World of Goo and pay whatever you want for the title during their birthday sale. It’s an experiment of sorts, and the data they collected is not terribly surprising (I’ve seen data collected before which indicated purchasers went “on the cheap” because that’s “all they could afford at the time”), but if you think there is money to be made using this model, then it’s certainly worth it to go whole hog and put your data where your mouth is, or your money where your data is, or whatever.