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Wii Hardware Hacks

February 7, 2008

Johnny Chung Lee has come up with one heck of a hardware hack for the Wii. In fact, it’s the first hardware creation I’ve seen which actually looks fun to use. If I were one of the boys at Nintendo I would be trying to work out a deal with Mr. Lee over the design rights, or even offer him a job within my company. I can see so many possibilities with such an invention. Anybody remember a little thing called Virtual Reality? I have visions of Lawnmower Man all over again, only this time Jeff Fahey isn’t cutting lawns with his shirt off.

2D Boy’s Upcoming Game

December 5, 2007

The World of Goo has a tentative release date of February 14 or Valentine’s Day, whichever comes first. This game looks interesting, although there aren’t very many details. The video kind of fills in some of the void, but I certainly like what I’ve seen so far! Indie (independent developers) developers have been having a great time these last couple of years. Due largely to the sales channels created by companies like Microsoft for their Xbox 360 Marketplace, or even Nintendo’s Wii – although they haven’t seemed to really use it to its full potential yet. As a company of two, Ron and Kyle seem to be creating something unique and interesting. I can’t wait to try it! Maybe I’ll put my money where my mouth is and pre-pay for an indie game which hasn’t been released yet…

Crayon Physics Deluxe

December 4, 2007

There is a game in development right now which can take objects drawn with “Crayons” on screen and apply physical properties to that object. Influences like gravity, collision with other objects, friction are all applied once the object is drawn. You can even draw a a small hole on the object which can represent axial mobility. For example, draw a circle with a small hole in the center and it can act as a wheel, connect two wheels together with the frame of a car and it becomes a car. The object of the game seems to be about collecting stars by drawing objects and getting them to interact together so that the stars can be collected. Pretty neat idea!