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Mac OSX: DooM Legacy

April 12, 2007

Doom Legacy screen shotThe first game I’ll introduce for Mac OSX is called the Doom Legacy project. It is available for other platforms, but I find the implementation for the Mac is superb. I have the 19″ iMac computer and it looks absolutely amazing. It’s also a blast to play with mouse look and fast monsters enabled. It’s like playing Ultimate Doom all over, except this time, the game stopped off at the local store for bad asses and purchased a can of whoop ass.

The new engine can use the resources from Ultimate Doom, Doom, or Doom II. They have added a variety of subtle enhancements which aren’t too over the top. The rendering engine uses OpenGL which looks very nice on modern machines. I cranked the game’s resolution to 1680×1050 and I never looked back.

Expect more information about this game in the future.

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