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Space Quest II: Vahaul’s Revenge

April 16, 2007

Screen shot of Space Quest II“Radical Express – When it totally, no doubt for sure has to be there awhile previously.” Sigh. You just can’t buy quotes like that anymore. I often wonder if there is still a market for adventure games like the Space Quest series. I’m not just talking about games with elements of adventure thrown in, I’m talking about games with intriguing environments (either dimension is fine), a detailed and enjoyable script, some decent voice acting (if need be), and that’s about it. No flash in the pants particle effects (unless you chose 3D and it happens to fit the story), no multi-player options, no level-editing tools, and a distinct lack of hands-on combat. Although a little combat can be used effectively; just look at the Monkey Island series: “Your mother is a cow!”

Given the recent trends in the market today, it wouldn’t be as large as, say, Halo 3 in North America or even Sim City V in Vietnam, but perhaps there could still be a decent market for small companies on the Wii, Xbox Live arcade, or even somewhere amongst the desktop market? After all, it is relatively painless nowadays to write games for the three major desktops: Microsoft Windows, Xandros, and Mac OS X. A three or four person company could do quite nicely.

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