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VMWare for Games?

June 29, 2007

VMWare LogoJust for kicks, I decided to try and install FreeDOS into the free version of VMWare server yesterday. The installation went very nicely and before long I was mucking around in the console. I decided to try and play a game in this environment. Having used FreeDOS before, I knew it would work with the operating system, but I was unsure how playable it would be under VMWare.

The first game I tried was Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and it ran quite well. I was encouraged so I decided to try a more complex game. I chose DOSDoom because I love the game and it seemed like the next logical step. It also ran well. To try out your own game, just run an ISO generation tool on the installed directory, and attach the ISO to your VMWare guest. If you’re running Xandros, use the ‘mkisofs’ command:

$ mkisofs -o /tmp/doom/cd.iso /tmp/doom/DOOM/

Assuming your installation directory is located under ‘/tmp/doom/DOOM’, this command will quickly generate an ISO file. To make it easier on yourself, I would just throw all of your favourite games into one ISO, burn the CD, archive it (you can edit it later if you want to add more games), and use that whenever you feel an itch to play.

This technology is a fabulously free alternative to building your own RetroBox, but maybe not as much fun to put together.

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