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Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory

September 12, 2007

Mr. RobotThis is a perfect game to play after a hard days work at the office. It’s perfect because the objective couldn’t be easier to remember: collect all of the white pellets in every level. Naturally, collecting these pellets isn’t as easy as collecting rocks. There are plenty of obstacles in your way like daring jumps, touchy explosives, attractive magnets, and small angry balls of fire. To further enhance your experience, each level is timed so you can’t allow yourself to be distracted by screaming kids, nagging spouses, or government taxes. On second thought, it may not be wise to ignore the second one.

If you’re one of the few skilled players who manage to complete the game – I finished it a couple of years ago (after years of “training”) – you can supplement your addiction with the Robot Factory. Only through the factory can your dreams of monolithic, white pellet construction be realized. Remember to save your construction and post it on the Internet; don’t forget to add a comment here telling us where we can find it.

I would recommend playing it on the Atari 800 XL. It has much more vibrant graphics than the Commodore 64 version and the sound is pretty much the same.

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