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SX-Key Programmer and the XGS

September 17, 2007

SX-Key Programmer from ParallaxI tried to use the SX-Key over the weekend to upload binaries and run or debug them via the SX-Key IDE. Unfortunately, there seems to be a timing problem when I run the programs. If I assemble and upload the binary using the XGS ME software, the program works just fine. I’m going to compare the generated files when I get home tonight. Hopefully, I will find a difference between them which could account for the difference in operation; otherwise, if the porgrams are the same, it would imply a defect in the hardware, which is a lot more troublesome to diagnose (at least for me since I am not a hardware engineer).

I posted my problem to the XGS forum and received a few pointers from the designer, André LaMothe. As per his recommendation, I have reseated the oscillators to no avail. I’ll have to keep the coffee pot hot tonight.

Update: I did not realize the SX-Key “Run” command simply assembles, uploads, and sets the clock. You must still switch the XGS into run mode and reset the system. This is different from the “Debug” command which does everything the run command does, but it uses its own clock instead of the clock found on the XGS which allows the program to run without switching the XGS into run mode.

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