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Wii Hardware Hacks

February 7, 2008

Johnny Chung Lee has come up with one heck of a hardware hack for the Wii. In fact, it’s the first hardware creation I’ve seen which actually looks fun to use. If I were one of the boys at Nintendo I would be trying to work out a deal with Mr. Lee over the design rights, or even offer him a job within my company. I can see so many possibilities with such an invention. Anybody remember a little thing called Virtual Reality? I have visions of Lawnmower Man all over again, only this time Jeff Fahey isn’t cutting lawns with his shirt off.

One Response to “Wii Hardware Hacks”

stevex wrote a comment on February 7, 2008

Wow.. I was watching the video with the targets sticking out of the screen and thinking “this is faked”.. but then it becomes clear a minute later that it’s not. It did seem to work very well.

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