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Qt for Games – Niblet #2

July 22, 2008

I had my first attempt at a brainstorm for project Niblet last night. I used the software program called Curio to collect my ideas in a synergistic, multi-media, power-house document. Too bad you only get to see the rasterized and PDFized versions. A few people have scoffed at my desire to use Curio, they asked “why not just use a piece of paper and pencil?” Aside from the obvious cool software motivation, I often have the need urge to put stuff like this on-line in the off chance someone may find it useful or interesting better than most of the crap on MySpace. It’s a fool’s dream but there you have it.

Niblet brain dump in Curio

The project has been extended to include addtional modules (mostly empty) and some additional framework functionality which allows me to suspend or activate game play amoung other things. The game’s scene area has also been enlarged and auto-scrolls when Niblet approaches the borders of the viewport.

Instead of me wasting time assembling a .zip file every time I want to release an update, I’ll just refer you to this handy-dandy Subversion URL. You can check out the project using this command:

$ svn co

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