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DOOM II: Let the obsession begin. Again.

December 23, 2008

[Taken from the back of the box]

The wait is over. In your hot little hands, you hold the biggest, baddest Doom ever – DOOM II: Hell on Earth! This time, the entire forces of the netherworld have overrun Earth. To save her, you must descend into the stygian depths of Hell itself!

Battle mightier, nastier, deadlier demons and monsters. Use more powerful weapons. Survive more mind-blowing explosions and more of the bloodiest, fiercest, most awesome blastfest ever!

The 3-D modeling and texture bit-mapping technologies push the envelope out to the max. The graphics, animation, sound effects and gameplay are so virtually realistic, they’re unbelievable!

Play DOOM II solo, with two people over a modem, or with up to four players over a LAN (supporting IPX protocol). No matter which way you choose, get ready for adrenaline-pumping, action-packed excitement that’s sure to give your heart a real workout.

It must be tough to keep reading – what with your hands trembling in shear anticipation. So we’ll stop talking now to let you take this box to the counter.

DOOM II. It’s time to get obsessed again.

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