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Beware the Evils of Winter

December 14, 2009

I was sitting in my basement tonight, peacefully roaming the country side after successfully defeating the lurking dungeon boss within the bowels of Dungeon 5 in The Legend of Zelda, and my cat nonchalantly brushes by my arm when she was getting off the couch. It was dry in the basement due to the cold weather, so in that brief instant it was enough to create a charge that passed from her to me through my NES controller and into the box. The game subsequently froze and I lost everything I had obtained in the last two hours of play. The spark was intense enough to be visible, and I know they can sometimes pack quite a wallop (as far as voltages found in most digital circuits are concerned), but I was touching a plastic controller at the time, so I’ve concluded that it must have been the work of the Devil or one of his subordinates.

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