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Thoughts on the PS3 (Slim)

July 8, 2010

Well, the PS3 has been out since late 2006 in North America, so I figure it’s about time I gave the console a minute or two of my time. My first impressions of the console so far? It hasn’t crashed yet, so I’m happy. On my wish list for the console would have been a longer USB cord for the controller, instead of skimping with a ~4-foot one. I mean come on Kaz, how close do you sit in front of your television anyway? The second item on this list would have been the inclusion of an HDMI or component cable, instead of the cheap-ass composite one supplied in the box. What’s the deal Sony? I can buy an HDMI cable on eBay from a Chinese manufacturer for less than $10 (US) dollars a cable, and it’s a nice cable too. Just to reflect on my ability to swing a good price with the seller: I’m not buying them in bulk, I don’t have business relations with the guys who make them, and my company is not called Sony, so what is your excuse for not including them in an item which retailed for over $300 (CAN)?

I knew the PS3 Slim didn’t have great compatibility with PS2 software before making the purchase, so I’m not blaming them, but I am choosing to think out loud. How is it that the creator of the Ps2 platform cannot produce a 100% functioning software emulator? Why can’t they continue to work on it behind the scenes, and then release it as a separate product? I believe they are doing this, which is probably one of the reasons why they took it out of the PS3. The other reason is that the PS2 is still selling well which is helping to defray the high cost of the PS3. Once they retire the cash-cow which is the PS2 console, I would expect the emulator to appear on the market again in some form or another.

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