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PSX: Harmful Park Schmup

December 20, 2011

Harmful ParkThe Japanese have a real talent for taking a typical game scenario and deforming it into something weird and unnatural but still make it fun to play. Harmful Park is one of those titles, and if you like shooters but are looking for something a little different, than it may be just the thing. This was released by a company called Sky Think Systems for the Sony Playstation. Basically, an evil scientist (doesn’t it feel like all scientists in games are evil?) has taken over an amusement park, and is charging families an obscene amount of money to use it, or something like that. One of the scientist’s ex-colleagues wants to stop him, but she is infirm (which means she is about 30 years old) and is incapable of action, so she recruits her two younger daughters who seem to have nothing better to do. Armed to the teeth with weapons like ice cream and delicious pies, they attempt to return the park to normalcy and do away with the evil scientists’ nefarious plot. The game environment may be a bit odd, but it’s a fun schmup and certainly steers away from the traditional formula.

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