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The Legend of Grimrock

April 27, 2013

There are few things about a video game which can turn me off. Basically, there are four.

  1. I dislike games that feel gimmicky.
  2. I don’t like games whose sole purpose is to show off some new graphical effect.
  3. I don’t like most sports games.
  4. I don’t like games whose game play is too frustrating.

I am leaning towards that last one for this game, although I am really trying hard to cut the game some slack since I am playing on a laptop keyboard. The game routinely has puzzles or combat situations where dexterity with your fingers is paramount to success. While I do enjoy games with a reasonable amount of finger gymnastics, this game makes it something of a core mechanic. The maneuvers required in a few parts of the game, however, are nothing short of brutal — especially when you want that fabled Sword of Nex. I think I am going to stop playing this game for a while, until I can get a proper keyboard, or at least one with some tactile differences. My laptop keyboard is so polished, I can’t tell when my fingers slide from one key to the next.

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