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TurboGrafx 16 Homebrew SD Card

May 27, 2017

turbo-everdrive-v24A new device graces my doorstep yesterday: the Turbo Everdrive! For years, I have been using an old device that allowed me to load up home-brew software for the TG-16 via a parallel cable, and old version of Windows, and some obsolete software. With this new device, I can now simply copy the software onto the SD card and away I go. If you get the same device, be aware that it comes pre-set for a PCE device and not a TG-16 game console, so you will simply see a white screen until you toggle the tiny little switch on the right of the card. Also note, that you will need to create a “TGED” directory at the root of the SD card with the device’s operating system file copied into it.

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