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Vectrex Upgrades

October 7, 2023

I recently installed all new capacitors, a couple of new voltage regulators, new thermal paste, and a Buzz-Off Kit by Obtainium Gaming. That new kit works a treat. It really reduced the buzzing noise coming from the speaker. It works by introducing a new audio amplification circuit that can be installed further away from the power board. You don’t use the old audio amplifier once you are done.

However, I have a new issue, and I have no idea where it is coming from. Whenever I move the analog stick on my controller in any direction, audio feedback is produced. The audio feedback increases as you move your controller further towards the direction you are pushing. If you are aware of the problem and know how to fix it, or if you even know the cause, then please leave a comment!

I am also getting a bit of curving to the graphics towards the top of tube. I think this can be adjusted, but I am not sure how to go about doing it yet.

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