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Super Snapshot V5 and 64HDD

November 12, 2011

Just a note to say that 64HDD and the version of BASIC stored on the Super Snapshot V5 do not play well together. It should also be noted that my host machine is a 2.4 GHz CPU running DOS with no EMM386 drivers loaded; I am also not running the latest version of 64HDD. The symptom I was experiencing had to do with trying to load a D64 image, or more specifically trying to execute the following command:

LOAD “*”, 10, 1

The 64HDD software would beep a couple of times, and then the C64 would simply hang. It most likely has nothing to do with the specific command and everything to do with the timing between the virtualized drive and the C64 machine. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you where exactly the problem lies in either, since I am unable to debug the problem any further.

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