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The Witcher Blues

February 15, 2022

I am playing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for the PC. Given the very basic nature of the models, textures, music and sound effects, I am grateful that Steam offered the enhanced version to play. I do like the story and even the stilted conversations in the game, but not a lot else. The editing and scene transitions are atrocious. Of course, my evaluation is tainted by the games I have played recently, which are orders of magnitude more advanced in every way. Despite the blandness, I will try to finish it before my wife and I settle in to play Horizon Forbidden West for the PlayStation 5.

One Response to “The Witcher Blues”

Mr. Robot wrote a comment on March 20, 2022

I made it to Chapter V and I just couldn’t play anymore. I found the game incredibly tedious, and as a result, so mind-numbingly boring that I just could not face another session. I am aware that at the time it was released, these faults may not have been noticed since the game was reviewed fairly positively.

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