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Atari 2600 RGB Mod

March 20, 2022

I installed an Atari 2600 RGB modification to my 4-switch console a few weeks ago, and it works like a treat. I use it in conjunction with an 8-pin mini DIN to Euro SCART cable. I then plug that cable plus the audio cable from the modification into an OSSC converter box. The resulting picture quality is crisp, vibrant and breathtakingly beautiful on a 46″ LCD television. Well, as beautiful as you can get, given the limitations of the console hardware.

One Response to “Atari 2600 RGB Mod”

Mr. Robot wrote a comment on April 3, 2022

Except that this solution does not allow many games to work correctly, if at all, due to the scan line trickery on the Atari 2600. I need to find another solution using a cathode ray tube, or switch to emulation.

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